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    MiniCredit – good step towards a profitable investment.
  • MiniCredit is an organization operating on a pay-day loan global markets – it is proved by the experience and the passion to fulfill Customers’ financial demand expectations. The Company’s functionality and adaptation to Customer needs has made MiniCredit one of the major players on consumer microfinance market, it is demonstrated by our competence and values that MiniCredit appreciates in its Customers.
    The Company’s growth is a remarkable indicator of cooperation, which is welcomed by thousands of Customers in Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Poland, which in turn has given inspiration to MiniCredit to reach new heights and ensure its Customers convinient access to microfinance throughout Europe and beyond.
    The strategy of MiniCredit is to provide well-weighed services for the comfort, reliability and safety of the Customers by focusing on the Company’s objectives and building relations with the interested parties on trustworthly cooperation principles, which gives the opportunity to get to know the Customers, appreciate stakeholders and find a compromise in situations when trusted and professional assistance is needed from outstanding partners in the sphere of pay-day loans.


  • Minicredit Estonia is the first company in MiniCredit family and one of the first payday loan companies on the Baltic market. We started our business activity in 2008 and during that time we have opened branches in Latvia, Poland and Georgia.

    Company’s mission is to deliver fast, comfortable and highest security financial service. We always focus on innovation, continuous novelties, consumer oriented service, simplicity, flexibility and speed of service provided.

    By knowing our clients and their needs, we offer into provide them the most suitable service.
  • MiniCredit Latvia was founded in 2009 and is one of the leading pay-day loan licensed companies in Latvia.

    In 2013 we were recognized as one of the fastest growing Company in the field of financing. The growth and success formed through competent professional work and customer needs.

    MiniCredit Latvia is a member of Latvian Association of Non-bank Creditors which ensures a stabile position in the consumer loan market.
  • MiniCredit Poland is one of the leaders operating on payday loans market consisting of over 38 million consumers.

    High product demand and constantly increasing tendency to use online distribution channels let’s us to rapidly expand our business and to deliver expected timely response for consumers financial needs.

    Due to our professionalism, enthusiasm and client oriented approach we are highly valued and recognizable brand on the biggest central European economy.
  • MiniCredit Georgia is a leader in non-banking loans in Georgian market since 2011. During several years, MiniCredit implements various services and offers in order to stimulate and attract customers. Company mission is to deliver fast, comfortable and highest security service. It is completed with highly motivated staff.

    We always focus on innovation, continuous novelties, consumer oriented service, simplicity, flexibility and speed of service provided. For that reason MiniCredit is Awarded for the ‘Most Innovative Online Lender in Georgia 2012’ by Global Banking and Finance Review and International Quality Convention – World Quality Commitment recognised for commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation.
MiniCredit is a financial institution specialized in offering consumer credits operating in 4 countries.


The vision of MiniCredit is all about the Customers, who are the Company’s greatest value, so creating new approaches to individual Customer servicing is the Company’s call of duty. Knowing that we are here to support You is the opportunity to do it professionally, responsibly and wisely, so there are many and various ways how MiniCredit can make the Customers’ everyday life more comfortable. It is also demonstrated by our priorities formed in a mutual hierarchy.
Professionalism is the responsibility towards the work and the promises in the long-term development of the Company, which is characterized by activity in MiniCredit markets, offering the best solutions both in the Customer service and also at work with the collaborative partners.
Individual approach to Client service has brought invaluable results and high praise in the countries of MiniCredit operation, which provide great inspiration for further implementation of goals throughout Europe and beyond.
The Internet technology solutions and their continued development are the Company’s opportunity to grow together with technologies by adjusting new *IT solutions to the Customer needs, thus enabling opportunities to make the data processing and Customer service even easier, faster and more cost effective.
Contact of different cultures is challenging the team of MiniCredit to prove that everything is possible. Operation in four different countries has made the Company stronger and this is the reward that a professional approach to issues justifies the effort invested.

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Sharing achievements is a half of success
The success of MiniCredit is a remarkable example from the family of the pay-day loan companies being provided by a persistent and purposeful cooperation, and with clear objectives for future action in the field of microloans.
The Company is responsible for achievements that make up the common image of MiniCredit, without leaving the Customers indifferent and creating a particular approach to cooperation with global partners throughout. The ability to understand and precisely address the Customer needs and grow with them provides a sense of sharing success with partners to attain outstanding results in terms of return on investment.
Achievements and actions in the countries of the Company’s operation are a business card of MiniCredit guideline of which is reaching new heights and providing high added value both to the Company’s Customers and its shareholders.


We place an equal sign between persistence and
We haven’t chosen to do what we don’t know, instead we manage our obligations towards cooperation partners and Customers in Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Georgia, and say thanks, mainly, to ourselves for business we love, and to partners who appreciate the special vision of MiniCredit to the pay-day loan industry.
Progress achieved as a result of conscientious work is the Company’s fruit of labor that day to day reminds of the professional approach of MiniCredit to go into the specifics of issues and find innovative solutions delivering outstanding financial outcome for it’s shareholders.
Achievements in four countries of operation of MiniCredit characterize the Company as one of the leaders in the field of microloans, motivating to develop the Company’s ideas and gain recognition in new countries of cooperation, introducing MiniCredit as a Company aiming for success on all grounds where it operates.

Contacts and offices

EstoniaVitali Director
AS MiniCredit Viru Väljak 2, Tallinn, 10111, Estonia
Phone:+372 61 91 888 Fax:+372 61 91 898 E-mail:info@minicredit.ee Skype:minicredit.ee
LatviaSandra MihailovaDirector
AS MiniCredit Brīvības iela 39, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvija
Phone:67 28 37 04 Fax:67 28 37 06 E-mail:info@minicredit.lv Skype:minicredit.lv
PolandMichał GębałaMember of the Board
MiniCredit Sp. z o.o ul. Słomińskiego 15 lok.506, Warszawa, 00-195, Poland
Phone:(22) 266 83 55 Fax:(22) 254 30 35 E-mail:info@mini-credit.pl
GeorgiaNino BuzhgulashviliDirector
MiniCredit 6 Khetagurov str., Tbilisi 0102, Georgia
Phone:2 20 40 40 Fax:2 20 40 40 E-mail:info@minicredit.ge